10 Generations Better Than Our Generation


Alright, we get it. We were born in the wrong generation. Our generation sucks. Our generation consists of Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and the existence of Snapchat. Here are 10 generations that are better than “our generation”:


Renewable Energy Generation: Through the use of solar, wind, and water power, Renewable Energy Generation is an alternative way to live life sustainably.

Cellular Regeneration: The human body is amazing. Our physical wounds can heal themselves magically with the natural phenomenon of cellular regeneration. But we will never get over the mental wounds from listening to Iggy Azalea rap.

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Next-Generation Sequencing: A high-tech method of analyzing human DNA and an important asset to biological researchers.

Macular Degeneration: Arguably still better than our generation.

Star Trek and/or Degrassi: The Next Generation: Both pretty solid shows.

The General Theory Of Relativity: It *relatively* sounds like “generation”, so we may as well include it, because Albert Einstein knows what’s up.

Degenerate Energy Levels: This has something to do with quantum mechanics, but I don’t understand because I’m born in a stupid generation.

My Generation (the popular single by The Who): My Generation is better than my generation.

BCBGeneration: Quality women’s fashion items.