1000 Reasons to go to the Code Jam!


0000. Get all the Pussy: As we all know, computer programming is a very feminine pastime, so for anyone looking to get with a girl, this is the event for you!

0001. Get intimidated by smarter people: Ever want to feel like you don’t know as much as your fellow classmates? Ever wanted to meet the overachievers of the University? This is your opportunity!

0010. Wanna get fat? The event has TWO free meals!! Since it’s a 12 hour event there will be two free meals, one of which is pizza, yay calories!

0011. Get useless junk: We need to get rid of some useless shit, so there will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. These will be things that you honestly probably don’t need.

0100. Get carpal tunnel: The event essentially requires you to be typing code for 12 straight hours. It’s the perfect way to ruin your wrists. Who doesn’t love burning sensations in their fingers?

0101. Get frustrated: Ever write a program and think it works perfectly, but then really it doesn’t work at all and you spend hours looking for the stupid error and it’s a missing semicolon? That’s the kinda fun you can have at our event.

0110. Meet nerdy boys: The few boys that will be attending will be your favourite, awkward, nerdy boys that will avoid eye contact at all costs.

0111. Get hyped on coffee: What’s a coding event without caffeine? If you wanna be jumping around like a bunny strung out on coffee, you guessed it, this event is for you!

1000. Have something to talk about: Do you spend all your time napping and playing video games? Makes it hard to talk about things at interviews, doesn’t it? Well, here is something you can totally buff out and use at interviews and during awkward silences while talking to strangers.

But actually, they’re pretty cool and kinda desperate, so go to their event on Jan 31st and check them out on Facebook (Code the Change: Queen’s Chapter).