2016 is Almost Over, What Else Could Possibly go Wrong?


There seems to be an overall consensus that 2016 has been a pretty awful year. In case you’ve not really been paying attention here’s the sparknotes version of what’s happened.

First, a lot of celebrities that people really like have died. Mohammed Ali, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Prince, Gene Wilder, Anton Yelchin, Glenn Frey, Harper Lee, Gordie Howe, the guy who played R2-D2, all of these people have died within the last 10 months. That’s fucked, and that’s just the people I can remember off the top of my head. There’s definitely more. Second, the American election. It’s a complete fucking dumpster fire. Some would even call it sad, very very sad, tremendously sad. I don’t even need to go into more detail on this one you already know about this shit. Third, I got rejected at a bar. This doesn’t really affect you guys, but for me personally it was soul crushing.

Ok so now that everyone is all caught up we can ask ourselves “what else could possibly go wrong in this wild, topsy turvey, generally dreadful year?”. Well, let me tell you what else could go wrong in 2016. Here are three possible scenarios that could take 2016 from already very bad to worse.

Scenario Number 1:

More people could die. I know that more people will die in 2016 that’s just obvious, but think about it, there’s no upper limit on how many people could. Even more of our beloved celebrities could snuff it. Think about any celebrity you like, there’s no guarantee that that person will make it out of this year undeceased. Not even considering celebrities no one else is safe from death either. There could be an apocalypse, a meteor could destroy the earth, aliens could invade and destroy our cities, the machines could rise up, take over our governments and enslave us all. Basically, it is conceivable that humanity could end before this year is done and given Earth’s track record for the last 10 months it wouldn’t surprise me if that happened.

Scenario Number 2:

There’s a chance that the new Harry Potter movie will suck. I mean there’s no guarantee that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them won’t dash all of our hopes and dreams by being a massive let down. It’s happened before. Remember how let down everyone was by Suicide Squad? I didn’t even see that movie, but from what I heard it was very disappointing. Can you imagine how gut wrenching it would be if that happened with Harry Potter? A franchise that a decent amount of people actually give a shit about. You thought Donald Trump was bad, imagine a foundational piece of your childhood being shit on by a movie that didn’t actually have to be made. I’m kind of ambivalent to the whole apocalypse thing taking place, but let’s fucking pray that this doesn’t happen.

Scenario Number 3:

I could get rejected by another girl. Again, not really a big thing for you guys, but for me, personally soul crushing.