A Comprehensive Guide to Acronyms at Queen’s



Origin: the AMS, or All Ma Mothers Society, is an easy way for mom to check up on you while away at university. Like your mom, they really like telling you what to pack for university, and really really hate bikes and boards (those unsafe death traps, and you’re not even wearing a helmet). They constantly nag about your excessive sloppy alcohol consumption, and would just like to remind you to alternate with water every other drink.


Origin: “Cocaine? Okay!” Room.

ARC (pronounced AY-AR-SEE)

Origin: the Ankle-biter Refuge centre is the bustling hub for high-schoolers, middle-schoolers, and young frosh to loiter. Often times you will find these young bloodz drinking an entire litre of chocolate milk for $1.50, or sporting ever-so-stylish socks and flip flops.


Origin: Sexual Health Repression Centre. A place to be taught the value of waiting. As a non-for-profit organization, the SHRC sells cheap chastity belts to you, at cost!


Origin: The Johnster Dongster University Centre, erected in 1862, is named after famed and much-loved principal Johnster James Dongster (Arts ’42).  Dongster served the school first as janitor, then professor, working all the way up to principal for 17 years. He was described as “a friendly face to all who knew him, dedicated and well hung”.


Origin: pretty self explanatory, a place for you to see see some pee pee. Just meet with the friendly staff, and they’ll instantly welcome you with their warm personalities, and warmer urine. Choose from options like black and white or colour pee-pee, as well as one or double sided. Also featured is a special feces gong for people completing their Pee-hD.


Origin: Queen’s University Cuckolds of Commerce. One of the most exclusive clubs at the Smith School of Business, QUCOCK provides a place for cuckolds (urban dictionary it u fucking frosh) to discuss finance, trading, and how nice their partners look being boned by a stranger. And yes, the K is silent.