A Frosh Guide to Faculties at Queen’s


Arts and Science –
The largest faculty at Queen’s, ‘Artsci’ as it is known affectionately by a faculty that’s supposed to be good at words, will have you know that it’s also the easiest degree you can acquire at Queen’s. That’s not technically true – it can be super-hard if you have difficulty writing essays, basic memorization, lack any ‘social media skills’ (that’s basically where all the artsci jobs are), or are a dog. Other than that, its a pretty easy and you have a lot of free time time to “chill out” (smoke weed).

Fine Arts –

Engineering –
You can call us nerds, weirdos, losers, or purple freaks, but never ever call us a cult. We will band, cut you and go breaking bad on your remains. This week engineers will show their wild side; they are probably going to experiment with new drugs like calculus and partake in unprotected chemistry. It’s totally not a cult… don’t call us a cult… please be friends with us. What are friends?
Commerce – Same deal as engineering. I mean, after second year, they don’t talk to anyone outside of commerce, but I mean what kind of cult only associated with their own kind? I mean other than the KKK, Nazis, Neo-Nazi’s…. aaaaaaand now we’re sued by the faculty of commerce. 

Computing –
insert original joke → 404 article not found.
</social life>

Nursing –
Hey baby, are you in nursing? ‘Cause I have a large bone I need you to examine 😉 Wait, where are you going? Don’t leave me… I’m so lonely.

Concurrent Education –
It takes a great teacher to teach people how to be teachers.

PheKin –
They hate being called ‘gym teachers’. And ‘jocks’. And ‘meatheads’. Unfortunately they are all of these things. However, they are generally a lot bigger than me and also choose to exercise instead of sitting behind a computer writing jokes for 12 hours, so they can probably beat me up. So I’m just gonna go ahead and say that they’re the hands down faculty at Queen’s.

Medicine –
Why do we need doctors if we have nurses? Answers: doctors can prescribe oxy

Law –
They all joined after a few beers and Suits marathon, thinking they could change the world. They all want to be Harvey, when really they’re Louis. Lets be honest.

Business Telecommunications and Marketing –
St. Lawrence is down the road. You couldn’t even find the correct school.