A Message to all Dirty Housemates


Contrary to popular belief there is not a tiny wizard living under the sink who magically cleans the pots and wipes the counters. But lucky you I am going to share a couple spells that keeps the kitchen spotless and calms angry housemates

Spell# 1

AlakaPans- You know that awesome time when your foods cooking and that shit smells good but you’re at a loss for how to spend the time? Here’s a tip, stop lurking Facebook and take the time to wash your pans and other utensils you’ve finished using. girls love a guy with a clean utensil, “wink wink nudge nudge”


AbrakaPUTYOURFUCKINGDISHESINTHEDISHWASHER- a favorite of the sleep deprived students this magical spell is quite simple. To cast simply put your dishes and cutlery immediately in the dishwasher after use and presto the sink remains uncluttered with plates, bowls and knives covered in peanut butter!


NotEverySpellCanBeCleverGiveMeABreak- That slimy gunk that is compromised of weeks of Kraft dinner, Peanut butter and the blood, sweat, and gentian of an engineer after homecoming, isn’t something to be ignored. I know it’s nasty but if of the drain is clogged what’s going to feed the squirrels living in our basement?


WingMandium Levi-bro-sa: If all of the above is accomplished the best result of all will be achieved. Your angry housemates won’t smack you across the face with a dirty bowl at 3am when they’re trying to make cereal.

Momborquette, the type of guy to clean the kitchen and not make a big deal about it.

Sincerely Harry Pots-er OR
Ron Whisk-ly OR
Hermione Strainer