AMS Negotiates “Shovel-It” With City of Kingston


The AMS has announced new Shovel-it program in cooperation with the City of Kingston. The new program will involve a $2.00 mandatory student fee, and the service will commence Winter 2016.


The Shovel-it program outlines a set of plans to shift the responsibility of snow removal for the City of Kingston to the AMS.


The AMS has been working closely with the City of Kingston in numerous joint programs and services, including the Bus-it program where a portion of the AMS student fees goes to fund the free bus services for Queen’s students. As the Bus-it program is being revamped, the AMS has been looking for other ways to increase cooperation with the City.


Recently, the City of Kingston has approached Queen’s about its superior snow removal capabilities. On Sunday, February 8, the entire city was covered in snow and slush, while the only clear road to be found was on Queen’s campus. While the whole city has come to a halt due to it being the weekend, Queen’s Physical Plant Services was working hard since early morning to clear the snow off the student walkways across campus, in case some crazy professors decide that Sunday was an appropriate day for holding an extra class. Mayor Bryan Paterson has been amazed by Queen’s snow removal endeavors, and has since appointed Principal Daniel Woolf the new City Councillor of Snow Removal.


“@Principal Woolf, Could you spare some of your guys to shovel Princess Street please? I’ll bring you beer next time”, tweeted Mayor Paterson.


Daniel Woolf has since passed down this message to the AMS, as the university administration claims that they now have less dispensable budget than the student government and does not want to spend more money on an extra project. However, the administration also told the AMS that they had no option but to accept this new program to be part of the Queen’s University Master Plan.


In an official statement, Daniel Woolf said, “Having superior snow removal facilities is one of the few things Queen’s takes pride over. We are determined to provide this fantastic service to students and staff, not only on Campus, but throughout the whole city. We have no problem of increasing student fees or overworking our PPS staff, as long as we never have a snow day.”


Student responses have been overall positive. Most students have been fed-up enough about the snow removal issue in Kingston that they don’t give a shit who’s actually doing the work. Rich students especially said they don’t care about how much more they have to pay, because they have never cared anyway.