AMS Report: World’s Hottest Math Teacher Motion


The AMS’s most recent move is that it has asked the administration board to hire the World’s Hottest Math Teacher, Pedro Becel (true name has been omitted to protect his identity).

The AMS has brought to the board’s attention that this could have a positive effect on student’s success; the AMS suggests that class attendance would be 312% greater and says it has interviewed students over the past week.

The AMS cites that Gina George, a first year engineering student, said: “I would attend his office hours, if you know what I mean.” Her friend Sam Africa agreed: “I would study very hard.”

Lindsay Holan was also quoted: “I wouldn’t mind if he gave me a D,” which the AMS argues shows good work ethic and good spirit.

The AMS has brought forward that only ⅓ of engineering students are female, and that young girls in science and mathematics are greatly outnumbered by their male peers. They propose that bringing in an attractive young professor would motivate young female students to attend Queen’s for Sciences, and would motivate current female students, who are being undermotivated bythe average Queen’s professor’s age ranging 56-97.

Pedro Becel has an instagram account full of scarcely-clad pictures of himself, and the AMS applauds this, saying that this professor is making himself more relatable to most students who also post nearly-naked pictures of their Saturday nights. His instagram profile also mentions that he has a PhD in Engineering, evidence that the AMS says will promote the fact that you CAN be brainy and pretty.

Pedro Becel currently teaches mathematics at UCL in the UK. The UCL Principal has told a very reliable source that Pedro Becel’s recent notoriety has not influenced his great teaching abilities and that he always is very concerned about student’s well-being, in and out of the classroom, day or night, and is always available for one-on-one tutoring. Isn’t this exactly what a professor should be? Golden Words wholeheartedly agrees with AMS on this matter, and applauds its innovative request. Along with the hiring request, the AMS has suggested some techniques they argue will increase students’ interest in courses and consequently raise the school’s average GPA.

These techniques include having each prof setting up and instagram account and organizing a fashion show in which each Queen’s professor would get on the runway. When accused of trying to objectify the staff, the AMS responded that they were aiming to make the professors more ‘accessible’ to students. Students are reportedly very enthusiastic about this motion and there have been specific requests for a Wolfestagram page, amongst others. The administration board is currently reviewing the AMS’s request, and we are expected to see Pedro Becel on campus next fall.