And Now the Weather!


Get ready folks, for the laziest small talk topic ever: the weather! As most of our readership may have noticed this winter has been pretty non existent. As Al Gore taught us this is because of C02 giving us a biiig warm hug, as well as El Niño (which we don’t’ know enough about and are left to presume is some sort of Spanish sea witch living in the Pacific Ocean). As the drizzle has lead the city to look more and more like London , incidents of heat stroke are on the rise as basic bitches everywhere strut their Canada Goose jackets during their regular mating season. So far approximately 170 people have unintentionally gotten the Frost week bar after the break, as wearing sandals and a bathing suit are actually a viable, functional fashion choice.  With no end to the heat wave in sight, a bill is being dileberated int he House of Commons to make the official description of winter “historical phenomenom not relevant to modern society”