And Other News, September 9th, 2015


Conservative who reportedly urinated into coffee cup ‘deeply regrets’ actions

That’s a real headline: it was in the Globe and Mail. I don’t think knowing anything more about this story can top knowing that.

Chris Alexander, Immigration Minister is being criticized for his handling of Syrian Crisis

As the world suddenly was shocked by an image of a boy drowned on the beach of Turkey trying to escape Syria, fire has been directed at our Immigration Minister in general and the Conservative Government`s immigration policies in particular for their mediocre processing of individuals trying to escape Syria as refugees. Currently only 2,374 Syrian refugees have settled so far, and only 26% of which have been assisted by the government, the rest were by private sponsors. The NDP has said in addition to private sponsors, the Government ought to try for 10,000 refugees admitted with federal assistance and Trudeau has raised Mulcair and saying the target should be 25,000, which he estimates would cost Ottawa $100 million.

NDP Want Some Higher Targets for Gas or some shit. I’m confident this is a reasonable proposal. . Presumably some people disagree. There will presumably be debate. Goddammit I wish our politics was as nuts as the states. Do you know what Sarah Palin  said Sunday? She said to a national news outlet that she thinks “Mexicans should learn to speak American if they expect to stay” You can’t make that shit up, Now that’s combining entertainment with policy. Why can’t we have that? Wouldn’t it be fun to have someone as crazy as the GOP as these crazy straw men to validate ourselves with. The biggest scandal  in politics this year was about ninety grand, which is scientifically proven to be the amount Donald Trump wipes his ass with on a slow Thursday