Anime Is Not A Crime


The word Weeb has been getting thrown around quite a bit lately. Frankly I do not know what that means, or how it relates to anime, but I watched Spirited Away once and thought it was pretty good. After that experience, I can pretty much speak for all of anime and declare that it is not a crime to enjoy a good anime (editor’s note* probably a crime to watch bad anime).

A more polarizing opinion is that scootering (or scooting) is not a crime. You see them all the time: Razor scooters, other scooter brands, Razor scooters. Kids ride them, weird adults ride them. Why? Accessibility. Scootering is pretty straight forward; easier than riding a bike (no gears), faster than a skateboard, and cheaper than a car. Yet people repeatedly tell me “Scootering should be illegal. They have no respect for people. They always snake me in the skatepark when I am about to do a sick trick, and then their moms always yell at me!” To that I say, no way can you do a sick skateboard trick! I have never seen a skateboarder in real life land a trick ever. I have seen many a scooter trick landed. Even I have landed some sick tricks, like a bunny hop and a footplant tailwhip. Just last year, at this very university’s homecoming, I saw more scooter tricks landed than I have seen skateboarding tricks landed ever. Not throwing shade at skateboarding! Some of my best friends are “sk8rs”.

Anyhow, some people think anime is a crime due to the obsession of the fans. Well people are obsessed feet and that’s not a crime so why should anime.

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