Appropriate Situations to ‘Go Live’ on Facebook


Delivering a eulogy

Funerals are not the most happy of times. You or someone close to you may have lost a loved one. It’s a horrible situation that can rarely be dealt with in words. That being said, since a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video has like a billion pictures per minute, your Facebook Live video is just the best way to touch people’s hearts with your riveting eulogy of the mannequin challenge. In order to keep up the hope of your friends and family, it is important to ‘go live’ in the face of death.

Delivering a baby

You have are being given the gift of a live baby! Celebrate life by ‘going live’. If anyone doesn’t think that the miracle of childbirth is beautiful, show them that anime video of the schoolgirl giving birth to an octopus. That’s make real childbirth look like puppies wearing people clothes. And don’t forget, always get the mother’s consent before you Give Life Back To Facebook.

Delivering a pizza (not Delissio™)

Your friends are definitely interested in who you are delivering pizza to. What if you deliver a pizza to a famous person? What if they open the door in a bathrobe and insist that they can pay for the pizza in “another way”? Obviously this is not applicable to Delissio™ pizzas because they are not in fact delivery.

Delivering a rendition of the popular ‘Juju On That Beat’ dance craze of 2016

This will enhance your friends’ Facebook timelines, which could always use more viral meme content. Like and share if you agree.

Delivering a dump

To the toilet.

Delivering the D

“The D” does not stand for Delissio™ 😉

While watching ‘Deliverance’, the 1972 thriller

‘Go live’ while watching this live action film directed by John Boorman.Be wary of piracy laws if you plan on filming copyrighted content.