Archaeologists Unearth Petrified Frosh from Aberdeen Bog


In the wake of St. Patrick’s Day, Archaeologists have made a monumental discovery in mud of Aberdeen St – a perfectly preserved Frosh encased within the sludge. the team, led by Dr. Chagall, hopes the discovery could shed light on wtf happened after everyone blacked out.

Dr. Chagall is an Anthropology professor studying Hominids of the Pre-Cambrian Era, and Frosh of the Pre-Drinking Era. Chagall hypothesizes that this Frosh got separated from his pack before falling into the bog. Records on is cellphone show he tweeted:

“lol stuck in bog #fml #literallydead”

He was likely left for dead when none of his texts would send.

The Archaeology department is very excited by the prospect of this finding. “A fully intact Frosh is so rare to discover on Aberdeen Street,” Dr. Chagall remarks. “Most remains are either found in the COR, or passed out in their twin bed, having never left Vic.”

At press-time, the Frosh was reportedly attempting to puke and rally.