Are You Adult? Take this Quiz to Find Out


You’re over 18 (probably). You just voted in a federal election (hopefully). You’re officially an adult (maybe). But are you really? Do you sometimes feel like you need an adult who adults more than you adult yourself? Take this quiz to find out if you truly are grown up.

When you got pit flu did you:
a)      Call your mom and ask her what you should do
b)      Convince yourself you weren’t actually sick, and go to class anyways
c)       Crawl into bed for 3 days, emerging only to eat and send ugly Snaps to friends
d)      Go out and buy cold medicine
The last movie you watched was:
a)      Animated, and had at least one song that you totally jammed out to
b)      A fantasy movie with a lead character who has magic powers
c)      Rated PG-13 and was based off a young adult novel
d)      A documentary longer than two hours
How frequently do you check your bank balance:
a)      When your parents text you to tell you they deposited money in your account for groceries
b)      You forgot your online banking password, and now you don’t bother checking
c)       Every Sunday to determine how much you drank that weekend
d)      Daily, panicking every time that it will be empty
When at the bar, you order:
a)      Whiskey sour, and something to chase it with
b)      The cheapest domestic draught
c)       Tequila shots with lemon and salt
d)      Lagavulin neat, and any bar that doesn’t stock it isn’t a bar worth going to
You know when your midterms are because:
a)      You have a colour-coded wall calendar that you wrote them on
b)      You wrote it down, somewhere. You’ll just check the syllabus online tomorrow
c)      They’re written on a pink post-it note above your desk
d)      You’ve programmed them into your Outlook calendar, with a notification one week before
Your drunk food is:
a)      Poutine
b)      Whatever’s left on the stove from dinner that you didn’t put away before going out
c)       You’re throwing up too much to get anything down
d)      A glass of water and an Advil, because otherwise you’ll have a headache tomorrow

If you answered mostly:
A: You’re not an adult yet. You still need your parents’ help for most things, but that’s fine because you’ve still got lots of time to figure out how to be an adult. You’ve been telling yourself that for three years now, but don’t worry about that.
B: You’ve clearly given up on everything. Congratulations, you’ve made it! Welcome to adulthood.
C: You’re a hot mess and nowhere near being an adult. You’re stumbling through university the way it should be stumbled through – in an alcoholic fog from one weekend to the next.
D: Like hell you did, my grandfather isn’t even this much of an adult. Stop pretending you’re so much more mature than the rest of us, liar.