Aussie Translations


Golden Words has compiled a list of Australian slang translations so that if you are ever fortunate enough to meet one, you will be able to hold a conversion and understand what they’re trying to tell you.
Servo= Service/Gas Station
Arvo= Afternoon
Flanno= Flannelette shirt
Smoko= Cigarette break
Goon= Cheap boxed wine, $8-$12 for 4L
Grog= Alcohol
Jumper= Sweater
Barbie= Barbeque
Tradie= Tradesman
Stubby= Either working shorts or a bottled beer
Dunny= Toilet
Prawn= Shrimp
Capsicum= Peppers
Skulling= Chugging
Maccas= McDonald’s
Singlet= Tank top
Thongs= Flip-flops
Bogan= Cross between a redneck and hillbilly
Dero= Derelict. Can describe a person or a place
Chuck a U-ey= Perform a U-turn
Ranga= Red head
Roo= Kangaroo
Root= Shag

 We can guarantee if you manage to string all these words into a few sentences, you’ll have the respect of every Australian.