Australian Leadership Spill Causes Outrage in Canada


News of Australia’s recent leadership spill has finally reached the shores of Canada, resulting in a mass uproar in the hearts of everyday Canadian. After first questioning google about who Tony Abbott actually was, the realisation hit that in the two horse race for the title “worst Prime Minister in the World” one donkey had stumbled, broken 3 legs and continued laying motionless on the tears of the Australian public…. Leaving only one ass in the race, Canada’s dearly beloved Stephen Harper. 
A correspondent from Golden Words was sent to the Land Down Under to try to grasp the atmosphere of the latest event in Australia’s favourite pastime sport: “Leadership Spills”. One self proclaimed ‘bogan’ exclaimed: “Aw mate, I may have cocked up and voted for that dickhead back in the day, but I realised he just don’t get what Straya wants… Colder stubbies and hotter barbies. I’m starting to think that the ranga sheila was better, least she didn’t wear those fucking budgie smugglers.” Admittedly, the meaning of some of these words were lost in translation but it sounds terrible. 
Golden Words was also able to secure some thoughts from outraged Canadians, with one woman stating, “To be honest, I didn’t know much about Abbott but when I looked him up I read that he publically stated that ‘housewives need to understand if they get their ironing done commercially it’s going to go up in price and so will their own power bills when they switch the iron back on’…. That makes me almost happy with our own political situation.” 
In Half-Term-Tony’s farewell speech he was sure to mention that he can’t wait to have a cold pint with his dear friend Harper, preferably a delicious PBR, congratulate him on his new world title and wish him luck in the upcoming election. It is also rumoured that as he stepped down from his podium, he uttered the words “I wish I had Trudeau’s hair, would have lasted a full term if I did” but Golden Words was unable to confirm.