Bandwagon Raptors Fan Unsure Of What To Do Now


TORONTO – Following the Toronto Raptors game 6 triumph over the Golden State Warriors, one thing was on the mind of Raptors fan Ian White: “What do I do now?”. White, a self-proclaimed “Raptors superfan” since late May, has been following the team fervently over the past few weeks, but is now unsure of what to do over the coming off-season, and into the next season. “So like, do I keep cheering for them?” pondered White. “I don’t know if I can wait all the way until May to see the boys play again.” When White was then informed that the season actually started in September he added, “Right. That’s what I meant. I knew that.” White also expressed confusion at the notion that there were more than 4 other teams in the league, and that the games weren’t best of 7 series the entire time.

“So they just play all the other teams for a few months and nobody gets knocked out?” Offered White. “But then why do people even go to the games?” Despite these misunderstandings, White insisted he was “Gonna get season tickets next year”, claiming he would “Be there through thick and thin for the boys.” He then added, “I might have to cancel my Jays season tickets to pay for them, but it’s whatevs. Ever since Donaldson and Pillar left the Jays have been hot garb anyway.” Aside from Toronto sports teams, White is also a lifelong fan of the New England Patriots, Real Madrid, and the Kenyan National Cross Country Running Team.