BED Fund To Fund Beds


The Better Education Donation (BED) Fund was established in 1990 as a student initiative to improve engineering education at Queen’s by improving equipment used in undergraduate education. Every engineering student at Queen’s can make an opt-outable donation. The total donated fund is distributed to every engineering department’s student body to be used for purposes chosen by students.

The caveat is the BED fund cannot be used to benefit students who are not in engineering. The BED fund also cannot be used to purchase curricular lab equipment because that should come from the department’s budget. The fund does, however, have to benefit students’ education. As such, it is really fucking hard to spend the fund properly.

After intense discussion, the BED Fund team has decided that the most appropriate way to spend the money is to buy beds for sleep deprived students. The addition of beds in engineering study areas will significantly benefit the student learning experience, as the beds further discourage students to ever go home or socialize with their housemates. As a result, the university can give engineering students even more workload to “enhance” their education.

The following locations will be furnished with twin sized beds in the upcoming school year:

  • 2 in the Stirling computer cluster
  • 2 on Jeffrey first floor
  • 3 in the Ellis second floor library
  • 5 in the McLaughlin computer cluster
  • 5 in the Dupuis computer cluster
  • 2 in the Waterlight computer cluster
  • 2 in the Miller museum
  • 10 in the ILC 212/214 computer plaza
  • 5 in various ILC study rooms

Other BED Fund spendings include a swimming pool to replace the pendulum in Stirling Hall. The swimming pool idea was approved to encourage students and professors to participate the annual “pool with profs” event held by the Physics Council.

Conversely, the proposal for a beer pong table for encouraging mining engineering students to participate in “beer with profs” was shot down. Instead, there will be a giant teddy bear to be placed in Goodwin Hall as an initiative to transition “beer with profs” to “bear with profs” as a way to discourage the notorious binge drinking behaviour associated with mining engineers.

At the moment, the BED Fund Coordinator, Amand Segila, is working with the SHRC to provide complementary condoms and lube to be placed with every new bed.