Bernie Sanders NUDES LEAKED


The circlejerk among impossibly idealistic millennials turned literal after intimate pictures of Bernie Sanders were released last Friday in an attempt to discredit his surging campaign. It is below the high ethical standards we employ here at Golden Words to publish these pictures, but suffice it to say that Rep. Sanders’ political views aren’t the only thing that strongly curves to the left.
Sanders was photographed by paparazzi frolicking without clothes outside LL. Cool J’s Malibu Hideaway with an unknown female accomplice. The photo quickly made its way around Twitter, attracting the attention of other democratic nominees such as Hillary Clinton and that other guy. Sanders himself has stood by the photos, refusing to deny that it was him, rather telling TMZ, “It’s who I am and I’m not ashamed. And it just goes to show that you can favour gun control legislation while still packing heat.”
Clinton responded by saying that Sanders behavior was “not befitting of a presidential candidate,” whilst future First Ladies Man Bill Clinton added that he was deleting his Instagram.