Best Slutty Hallowe’en Costumes


Halloween is fast approaching, and we all know you’re going to be emergency googling “easy Halloween costume” on October 30th. However, you were a slutty cop, cat, and nurse last year, and your creativity is similar to your threesome-anal virginity – non-existent. Don’t worry, Golden Words has got you covered, with the best slutty costumes for this Halloween.
Slutty Bernie Sanders: The only thing sexier than this naughty 74-year old Jew from Brooklyn is educational reform and a 15 dollar minimum wage. 
Slutty Stephen Harper: Shred through those duds on the dance floor like Stephen shredded through 422 protected environmental reserves and 78% of freshwater rivers.  
Slutty Kim-Jong Un: Voted World’s Sexiest man in North Korea 45 years in a row for a reason. 
Slutty Jose Bautista: Make sure that you #cometogether with that lucky man that goes home with you tonight. 
Slutty Dad: Cargo Shorts with multiple pockets, Socks & Crocs, oversized Lacoste polo shirts, and transition glasses. I literally just came. 
Slutty Queen Elizabeth I: Queen Elizabeth never married, but that didn’t stop all those medieval pimps from grinding on her sweet bubonic ass. 
Slutty Guy Fieri: After you take him to browntown, you can take him to flavourtown. 
Slutty Blackberry Playbook: 50% slimmer and 200% more willing to put out than the Ipad Air. 
Slutty Meghan Trainor: Nevermind.