BREAKING NEWS: Election votes are in!


In a surprising result this afternoon, the presidency of the engineering society has been decided in a shockingly close race by one vote. Joey, a third year GeoEng student, cast the only vote in the 2015 EngSoc elections. When asked, all three candidates said that they thought that they already had enough support without bothering to vote for themselves. Joey, interviewed at his house on Aberdeen, 2 minutes from the ILC, stated, “I wasn’t even going to cast a vote until I realized that I could literally do it without getting out of bed.” Having performed his civic duty for the day, he promptly returned to take his third afternoon nap. Since no one else voted for any other position, it was decided that all candidates will duel to the death this week at Ritual.

           In unrelated news, all of Sci ’18 has failed their first year courses since they “just couldn’t get the point of 5-0 and Go!”