[BREAKING NEWS] UN Resolution Passed Declaring “You honestly have to Watch Game of Thrones”


After 8 years of television content, governments around the globe have agreed on a resolution to have mandatory screenings and viewings of all 8 seasons of Game of Thrones. Following recent UN discussions with regards to the influx of “spoiler memes”, the proposal aimed to increase the standard of living for “people who literally live under a rock” – 47 member states signed and pledged to develop conscription-like programs which force citizens to take an epic journey through Westeros and Essos.

According to Canadian officials, the decision to sign was easy – UN representative Marc-André Blanchard remarked, “honestly you gotta watch GoT, it’s like sooo good. Now’s also the best time cause by the time you catch up the show will be done so you can go through the whole thing, you have to start! Well, like now you actually have to start…”