Bring Sexism Back to Engineering


HAha SUP! Yep i’m the cool editor with a trendy greeting, lower caps, short forms, and a rockin personality. NO I do not care to welcome you frosh or any of you I am NOT your mom and you will not speak to me in that tone of voice young man.
Anyways, I bet everyone is like “ooh welcome to Queens it’s gonna be the best” well first of all news flash no one could even know that so already the logic is off. Secondly, Queens definitely has some stuff to work on and as a great opener to the year I am going to give a critical editorial on the classic subject of Sexism.
Hey leah, you say to me softly, how can you have an opinion on this you’re totally in engineering not gender studies?? Thats where the trick is, this is like a crossover episode, because I’m going to talk about sexism in engineering.
Quite frankly there just isn’t enough anymore. Even in the past few years I have felt the decrease and it is just disgusting.

Leah you’re a girl why would you want sexism? Good question again- I’ll answer it with quick and concise anecdote: It’s a family friend dinner party. Your parents have a few older friends over, there’s wine, mom made too much food again-not to worry we will save them as leftovers. It’s the beginning of the night, one of the older gentlemen look to you from across the table and goes “Hey Leah, you’re in university right?” you tell him and he goes, “What are you studying there?” you say “Engineering” and this is the important part:

For a just a moment you are just so fucking dope to this old man. By pursuing a degree in something you were well set up for, well suited and encouraged to go into-you still seem to be going above and beyond this man’s expectations. I don’t know if you’ve ever been treated as exceptional for nothing, but it is the best.

These days we all have this wacky notion that it’s “just pretty normal for girls to pursue science” and other crazy notions and it’s really de-motivating me.What do I have to do to get a little attention around here? Take off my clothes? Is that what you want? Who’s the sexist now. All I’m asking for is a little credit where it isn’t due; women of the past got it and I just want things to be equal- a sense of equality so to speak. Boom now I bet you feel weird, what is what? Who’s that who am I ahhh! Ha ha calm down.

And another thing, the Kingston bars need to play more Hip Hop. Like how hard is it for you stages DJ to mix in a lil Boy Q, maybe some lil chano? I don’t know a partynextdoor song wouldn’t kill me. Racism. Fixing racism and sexism in one go? Hey maybe I’m exceptional just the way I am.