Brother and Sister Do Everything Humanly Possible to Make Dinner Not Look Like Date


On September 17th siblings Mike and Amy Wilson went for dinner at the Keg on their parent’s Visa. They had barely sat down before an elderly woman walked by stating, “what a cute couple”. Mortified, the siblings tried to laugh it off but were unable to resume normal conversation after the comment. Mike started sweating and Amy was unsure what position to sit in order to look the most not-coupley. On-lookers said it was one of the most awkward situations they had ever seen.

For the rest of the dinner they both made sure to loudly throw in comments about “mom and dad” and their “favourite uncle”. It was reported that Amy blew out the candle in the middle of their table to get rid of the romantic ambiance. When it came time to paying the bill and the waiter asked the pair “together or separate?”, Mike stumbled over his words trying to explain, “together, like we’re paying together, but we’re not together, well we are…but not in that way” before Amy blurted out “he’s my brother jesus christ we’re just getting dinner!”. The waiter, unsure of why they were so defensive became extremely weirded out.

Amy and Mike promised to go for dinner again soon, and walked home separately.