Carleton, This is why you don’t fuck with Queen’s


This weekend, Queen’s was set to play their final game of the season against the Carleton Ravens. The Queen’s Bands, faithful stewards of Queen’s pride and a model example of Queen’s sobriety, had bought 80 tickets in order to show up and support the Queen’s Gaels. Unfortunately, two days before the Gaels were set to bus down to Ottawa, the Bands received an email from Carleton ‘requesting’ that the Band’s not bring instruments. Being that the Queen’s BANDS is, you know, a band, this came as quite the “fuck you” when the bands was heading there in two days. The Bands went to the University Athletics group and they decided that Queen’s wasn’t going to take this lying down. This is why Queen’s Bands showed up, in full uniform, with 80 vuvuzelas donated by the university in hand.
This was going to be painful for everyone involved, but it was what had to be done. The Bands proceeded to play their entire repertoire of songs, from Old Queen’s Sweater to Shipping out to Boston to Oil Thigh, entirely on the most annoying instrument ever invented. While all of the music was horribly bastardized, the Bands would not be stopped. Fans were seen begging and pleading with the marching band, but there was nothing that could stop them, the Band would go on.
Queen’s Bands was established in 1905, which is 37 years older than Carleton University. The Bands has older alumni than the university. It’s like children making demands to parents – they got to see how this works out.
Incidentally, the Carleton University crest is kind of lazy, it’s literally just a maple leaf and a book. While the Queen’s crest would have been made with real paint, Carleton’s looks as though it was made in Microsoft Paint.
It is currently unknown if Carleton will ever let Queen’s Bands back to the University, but one things is certain: if they do, they’re letting the Bands bring their fucking instruments.
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