Celebrating the 350th Anniversary of Queen’s – a Sci ‘95s Perspective


What a momentous year for Queen’s University at Kingston upon Earth. As a newly enrolled frosh hailing from the colonies of Tranquility Basin, northern continent of Mars, I am proud to be a student at this venerable institution with its staggering 350 years of history. From viewing the historical holodeck presentation, and the absurdly primitive digital light emission screens in the old museum, I believe the Sesquarcentennial Tricolour Celebrational All Integrated Hive Mind Committee (STCAIHMC better know as Sasquatch) have truly outdone themselves.

It is true the astounding socio-economic-political-scientific-techno-industrial change that has occurred in the last 175 years since Queen’s celebrated its 175th in 2016 has made for a more “tame” celebration as they would say. Although the full recordings of the 175th celebration are not available due to the North American Union great calamity of 2095, it seems that the students in that bygone age had attended a vastly different institution in both nature and character to the Queen’s University we all know today.

For example, their period English (and French, Chinese, Japanese, German, etc…) had a multitude of strange “slang” words with significantly different meanings compared to common vernacular even their professors used. (Notwithstanding the significantly more nasal and abbreviation filled All Common Standard variant used in the Outer Belt Colonies) How these students managed to successfully integrate with networked neural uplinks is best left to a professional.

Even a nuanced understanding of such terms as “thirsty bitches”, “golden squirrel”, and “tripping balls” remain beyond current AI enhanced linguists. Lost in translation indeed.

If you are wondering, dear subscriber, why my transmission has appeared in a purely text format, the nature of this special celebration has inspired me to take up direct telepathy writing once again, having long since passed this phase in my early teenage years, and I believe that we should all do something to remember and celebrate the giants whose shoulders we now stand upon.

Most Sincerely,
Your Ever Humble,
Mic(Y)ha(17)e(flow)l Z(de)u(Elethiomel)o
Temporal Engineering Sci’ 17 (2217)