Chick OR Egg?


The question that has been puzzling people for generations: “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” Personally, I really don’t give a shit. As long as I have my eggs at breakfast and my chicken at dinner I couldn’t care less.
The other day, however, while going through the freezer I found something unbelievable. A carton of eggs, frozen like Han Solo in carbonite. I quickly looked over my shoulder to make sure Boba Fett wasn’t going to zoom in and steal the shelled Han’s before it finally sunk in…what fucking idiot freezes eggs?
I put the eggs back into the freezer and walked away, still in disbelief that someone would think this was a good idea. As I headed down the hallway I heard a sound behind me. I spun around to see a voluptuous chicken running down the hallway towards me with my housemate, dressed in a white lab coat, chasing it with a sack. “Come here you little bastard!” he shouted as it continued to evade him. Eventually he cornered the creature and bagged it. I turned to him, completely speechless. “Honestly man, what the fuck are you doing?” I asked him. “I’m making a fortune, that’s what. I’m growing chickens in my room and I’m trying to breed them to have three boobs!” he said excitedly. It finally clicked in my head, this is the guy who froze the eggs, and it was all finally clicking. He had some sort of poultry genetics lab in his room where he was making these busty feathered creatures.
“An extra breast is extra white meat on the chicken, this will finally prove that white meat is better than dark meat,” he shrieked with conviction. I stared blankly at him; I wasn’t sure what I thought was worse, that he was creating triple-titted birds or the fact that he thought that dark meat was the inferior variety of chicken. Before I could respond he picked up the bagged bird and retreated to his room/laboratory where you could hear the sounds of clucking accompanied with the occasional flicker of the lights.  
Back to the question of “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” The answer is who fucking cares.