Chief Shrek banned – EngSoc gone too far?


Early this summer at EngSoc council, the student body valiantly stood alone. The pole climb was being planned for Sci’23, and they finally had secured the powers they had long sought. Engsoc has a long history of flirting with authoritarianism. In the past several years Engsoc has only allowed one candidate to run for the presidency, ensuring that only members of their secret council can gain power. This year in a secret vote they gained the power to do the unthinkable; ban costumes from the pole climb. 


The pole climb has a rich history of costumes and pageantry at this university. One of my first memories of this school are two drunk engineers dressed as pickles shouting “Pickles come in jars, ** *** ** **** ***!”. That’s when I knew, I had come home. Classic costumes include the bananas, a herd of cows, or the upper year puking with OTIS. Chief Shrek was another four friendly characters that made my pole climb memorable. When I was young, Shrek was an important figure in my life. He made me laugh, he made me cry, he showed me how to love. When Chief Shrek was at the pole climb it was safe, Shrek protects frosh.


Then Engsoc banned Chief Shrek. At the pole training event, Chief Shrek was specifically listed as a costume that could not be worn. My heart dropped. Engsoc went too far. We as engineers need to prevent power overreaches like this, and we need to save Chief Shrek. 


–Alex Jones’s Canadian Cousin