Classy Cults to Join on Campus


Ever wanted to get involved with some wonderful cults on campus?  Well look no farther because you’ve absolutely come to the right place.  From real life cults to mildly culty design teams, Queen’s has plenty to offer. 



  • Engineering.  The GOAT.  The faCULTy to rule all faculties.  Come join us in our quest for the fabled IRON RING.
  • Commerce.  They hate themselves even more than they hate other people… this brings them together.  The most well dressed at Queen’s.. if that’s your thing.
  • Varsity Sports Teams.  They get up at 5am to subject themselves to gruelling physical tasks.  Uneasy when communicating with those not of their kind. Highly regarded by the uni tho. 
  • Formula Team.  Just a cult… entitled white boys if this fits your vibe.
  • Concrete Toboggan.  Join this design team to have a good time and become part of a very interesting.. Family?  Don’t fall into the concrete though. 
  • The Yellow Deli.  A real cult. For realzies legitimate cult stuff, kinda scurry tbh.  But let’s not forget the lovely organic deli fronting the whole thing! 
  • Jehovah’s Witness.  Talk to the lovely reps who love to terrorize students in front of Douglas Library.  The Johovah’s Witness will promise you eternal life, but only for the select few that are good enough, why not shoot your shot amiright? 
  • Catholics on Campus.  They will continuously hound you to fill out surveys in the ARC, and who really knows what they are up to behind those eerily bright grins. 
  • Queen’s Outdoors Club.  Wholesome people, really into trees.  Tree-hugging, hiking cult. 
  • Squirrel Watching Club.  This has to be a front.  Who tf watches squirrels in a group, I’m subjected to watching them at all hours already.


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