Coming Back to Campus Fat: You’re Not Alone


Coming back to campus after the holidays, it’s safe to say that we all went a little heavy on the 
potatos. And the gravy. And anything that happened to fit in our mouths. And you’re probably ashamed because this isn’t the kind of weight gain you can hide in a big sweater. You also may have gone on an untagging spree on Facebook, removing yourself from your aunt’s Christmas album because you had a double chin in every photo.
Look around you, assuming you can still turn your neck with all those rolls. You are not the only one. Students across campus are struggling to squeeze themselves into the jeans of their former selves. The ARC becomes as manically busy as Stauffer was during exam season. Everyone is “suddenly” wearing sweatpants and loose fitting clothing. Coincidence? Absolutely not. All Queen’s students have had their exam stress eating worse to post exam stress eating when they get start to get marks back. Can you find anyone on campus wearing a potentially restricting fabric? I didn’t think so. 
Whether or not you were eating in bulk because your family celebrates Christmas with a giant feast or you were eating your feelings because you were home with your family, it doesn’t matter. We are all in this together. Until the majority of students shed their holiday pounds. Then you’re on your own, fatass.