Coyote Ghost’s Spirits


From observations on campus this week, I’m going to make the statement that the proportion of Queen’s students who own a Canada Goose jacket is 5/7. According to my calculations, since there are just about 25 000 students- assuming 5% error (5% of you are mistakes??), just about 18 000 Canada Goose jackets are present on campus. 1 coat = 1 dead coyote; 18 000 coyote ghosts are roaming around campus and they want revenge. You think it’s ridiculous? Think again. Ever felt like you were having terrible luck? It’s not bad luck, it’s the coyote ghosts…

It’s cold outside? Coyote ghost trick.

Your friend is acting weird? Coyote ghost trick.

You fell on the ice and you blame it on Kingston not plowing the ghetto? Coyote ghost trick.

You suck at math? Coyote ghost trick.

You’re in the same APSC group as the girl you slept with last week? Coyote ghost trick.

You have no coffee left? Coyote ghost trick.


If you still don’t believe me after these 6 irrefutable proofs, visit for more information.