CP Enthusiast


CP stands for Club Penguin not Child Porn by the way, for all of you with dirty minds out there. Moving on to the article now.

There’s a long running debate as to what is the best game ever, today I end this debate as Club Penguin is the winner. First thing’s first: add me on Club Penguin my name’s SwagMan2002. I have an igloo with 6 puffles and I host sick bangers all the time. Make sure to Tilt before you come though.

Moving on, Club Penguin is a safe place where you can’t be offensive to anybody, a very hard thing to do in 2017, but the game bans anybody who is. Nobody can walk in and say “Ayy man where the fine ass penguin bitches at?” or anything like that. Plus, if you don’t like somebody you can easily block him and never see his or her penguin ass again.

You ever seen a penguin fight? I’ve always found it stupid that penguins have flippers (penguin hands) that are shaped like swords that are never used to fight. Until I went to the dojo and mastered Card-Jitsu, a place where penguins fight and use their full potential of their flippers. I don’t wanna brag but I’m a black belt, the lady penguins dig that too so make sure to check it out.

For all you dog owners out there, I regret to tell you that there’s something cuter than them and they’re called puffles. They come in a wide variety of colour and can do cool tricks. It’s not hard at all to take care of them, so you don’t have to worry about them shitting on the floor or barking at 4 in the morning while you’re sleeping and dreaming about your penguin crush.

I personally blame global warming for Club Penguin getting shut down, I don’t even know who’s gonna accept penguin refugees now. This game will always be part of everybody’s childhood memories, along with paper planes and stepping on legos by accident. And for that reason and the ones above, Club Penguin is the best game ever.