Craiglist Ad: Looking for a Highschool Bully


Man Looking for Men: Must Have Prior Bullying Experience. I am a 5 foot 7 male looking for a male preferably over 6 foot who will be capable of bullying me like high school. An odd request one might say, however no common man has experienced the ecstasy I have of having someone take out their own at home problems on me. I guess some explanation is necessary. Ever since I was just a wee little crouton I was a target of bullying; maybe it’s my height or inability to pronounce the word orange. Regardless, powerful men instantly take a disliking to me wherever I go. Kindergarten to High School I would always have a broad shouldered, square jawed piece of man intent on breaking my male, wide-set hips.

However, would they have been so eager to throw shade on my life if they knew my most deepest darkest secret. After being beat-up for decades I noticed a change beginning to creep over me, whenever a bully would step towards me, instead of finding myself apprehensive I began to feel excitement, but no normal excitement. I began to find myself anticipating my daily rounds of sticks and stones, almost as if I was beginning to enjoy them. Then one day it finally happened; I was being shoved aggressively against some lockers and then began a great stirring in my loins, a stirring so great it could never be put to rest. I wonder if they would still hit me if they knew that I extracted more pleasure from their antics than they did. Ever since that day, something changed inside me; I found I needed someone to demean me every day lest I lose that loin fire burning in my undercarriage.

With this discovery I sought these types of interactions whenever I could. But when I reached out I found not every interaction had the same effect. This wasn’t any freaky Fifty Shades of Grey BDSM stuff. A regular old bar fight left me swollen but not swollen. It seems that what really got me going was a combination of the bullies deep-rooted insecurity complex and the degrading of my self esteem. For a moment, we share such a raw human experience – dare I say a severe closeness. What I have found isn’t that I love the physicality of it-it is the intense emotional bond where the deepest disturbances of two men are openly expressed.

That is why I have been in the market for a man who will satisfy my very specific needs; will have to have a burried set of insecurities-preferably that emphasize my better qualities, must be able to identify my serious flaws and must be interested in getting physical with me-strictly fighting. If interested you can reach me at with inquisitions.