Dear Golden Words, Thank You for Affording Me the Opportunity to Write A Printed Article About My Favourite Nickelback Song


Often us literary types at Golden Words will scramble to assemble a vestigial combination of words that prove not only that they are in possession of a thesaurus, but that they will convolute a sentence past the point of comprehensibility in order to extend their word count. In layman’s terms, I am done fuuuuuuuucked for ideas this week. Now I know this doesn’t concern you, the reader (nice brag about literacy dick), however it’s worth prefacing that this article will absolutely diminish from the finite time you have left on this conscious plane.

With that hefty disclaimer similar to an aged YouTuber returning to the vlogging platform after a failed attempt at traditional Hollywood media, I proclaim this next passage dedicated to Chad Kroeger’s (un)sung masterpiece.

“Savin’ Me” by Nickelback is such a solid you guys.

This song clocks in at a crisp 3:39 mins and fully epitomized the post-grunge of the aughts that many students long for wistfully. It’s not only a nostalgic icon but an affirmation that your childhood was definitely better than the hellscape of your early adult years! “These iron bars can’t hold my soul in / All I need is you, come please, I’m callin’” Have you ever heard such gothic poetry spun with male fragility? I know that I’m personally not accustomed to vulnerability and/or general politeness.

I’m not in the minority for feeling a deep, sensual appreciation for this song. When it came out it reached number 2 on the Canadian Singles Chart and number 25 on the Slovak Radio Top 100. This song took the band 6 whole weeks to write!!! But oh boy was it worth it, since the song lent itself to being used for the commercials for the second season of Prison Break. Syndication money bitch!

The video really does justice by the song as well. Like there’s all these glowing timer things counting down over people’s head and they represent HOW MUCH TIME THEY HAVE TO LIVE. Oh man, it’s loaded with significant allegories. And there’s like a timer for a women, then one over her stomach to represent her baby. Now the thing is that the guy (typically patriarchal, 2006 wasn’t perfect okay) that can see everyone’s imminent death appears insane to everyone else. He has to contend with the weight of not only his but all of humanity’s mortality. God, it’s wild.

Furthermore, the director of the video Nigel Dick took the time to use foreshadowing to show the falling statue (seen midair at the timestamp 2:00, the lyrics just afterwards: “I’m fallin’”) that would have killed the woman (typically UNpartriarchal, 2006 was actually perfect) who takes over for our main male clairevoyant.

I’m not trying to be a chill, cool, ironic girl everyone. I’m not here to be the girl of your dreams, so quit falling in love with me! I’m here to iterate that while this song is BOTH a bastion of it’s time and timeless, I generally don’t really like Nickelback. Like don’t get me wrong, I love all kinds of music. Just nothing country or metal. I’m not an animal.