Did You Get Your 150?


Frosh week has come to an end
You think your health is ruined? Think again.
Through the bliss and the haze
You got your 150 in 7 days!
‘How?’ you ask,
Did I accomplish such a task?
If you had half the fun I had,
This is how you kept it rad:
You slipped and flipped, covered in soap,
The cup you tipped, and it was dope.
If you wore heels, I bet every inch made you moan,
But hey at least your calves are toned.
Pier diving is a great way to cool down,
With all your friends back in town.
Playing beer pong requires some skill, quick decisions,
Stamina, and precision.
You went on walks of shame, get laid parades,
People watched you, they threw shade.
The weight of a beer in your hand,
Is more than you’re used to, same goes for keg stands.
Sex burns 200 calories in 30 minutes,
So do it, go nuts!