Direct to DVD Sequels of Popular Movies


Schindler’s Hit List:
When we last saw Oskar Schindler, he had just rescued hundreds of Jews from certain death during the Holocaust by making them work for his factory making defective munitions for the Axis. Now, he’s returned from his trip from Japan where he learned the ancient arts of the League of Shadows and using his fortune he will become the World’s Greatest Detective in order to rid his city of Nazis.
A Farewell to Legs
World War I has just ended but a typo in the fine print of the agreement caused a deranged PTSD-ridden military officer to fulfill the terms of the law and set out cutting off all the legs of all of Europe.
A venture into the secret world of ancient Roman Cheerleaders. Known best for regularly getting maimed by careening chariots, this dark film explores the famous chariot race from the perspective of people getting taken out by all the chariots that wipe out in the race.
There is an 8th deadly sin. Pooping.
Live Poets Society
A wicked poetry slam.
Driving Mr. Daisy
The dynamic in the car changes after the operation.
The Silence of the Lambs II
Documentary on mute lambs.
Pulp Non-Fiction
Do you know what a Quarter Pounder with Cheese is called in France. Well now you’ll find out in this thrilling expose of French Fast Food Cuisine. Delve into McDonald’s France’s operational budget and management policies.
Jaws 6: Flaws
We’re gonna need a bigger boat, to hold every single continuity error ever contained in the entire series. Look out for missing badges, flipped switches and slight changes in hand position nitpicked into a feature length movie.
Broke Butt Mounted
The XXX sequel to the award winning movie that broke barriers for homosexuality and also the characters butts.
Documentary on vaginas.
Batman Retires
An introspective into Bruce Wayne’s life after Batman. Noted for surprising number of cats.
Monsters Flunk Out of University
… spoilers.