Do You Hate It When Your Profs are Dumb? A Review.


Do you hate it when your profs are dumb? Ya, me too. Sometimes (always) I wonder where the heck my tuition goes. Last Saturday, i got my answer: it goes to the engsoc banquet! So many steaks and so much wine and so many little tasty appetizers and so many people and so many cameras and so many rented buses and so many rented venues. Nah I’m joking there was only one venue.

I digress. I know where my money’s going: to things that I mostly don’t need. I do need good profs though. Well-educated professionals who are kind and supportive and understand the student life while also inspiring you to work a lil.

So far, I’ve had several sub par experiences:

(1) Professors who don’t like girls.

(2) Professors who only like girls. This is suspicious. I know it’s 2017 and I’m all for equality but it’s a little creepy when men who are teaching young women only speak to them and know all their names and make funny (awkward?) jokes. Stay behind your desk kind sirs.

(3) Professors who can’t speak English. I can’t stress this one enough. The reason I don’t know how to effectively code? My coding prof couldn’t speak. This is a vicious cycle, and it really needs to be stopped. It’s not fair that I can’t code!!!

(4) Professors who can’t speak French. This is also an important thing to consider when you live in a bilingual country that constantly oppresses 1/2 of their languages. It’s not cool ok?

(5) Professors who can’t add or subtract. This one is pretty straightforward, and happens a lot more than your typical person might think.

(6) Professors who can’t grade exams/midterms/quizzes/papers. This covers a wide range of problems. There are the profs who take a very long time to grade anything, and by the time students get anything back they’re a year older and have forgotten about it. Then there are the ones who grade badly, and by that I mean give bad grades. It’s a thing.

(7) Professors who don’t finish class before XX:21

(8) Professors who are short.

(9) Professors who are blind.

(10) Professors who can’t be in class because they are away on conferences always so who are probably pretty smart but never give you the chance to benefit from it.

(11) Professors who put problems on tests that are fully and completely and totally unrelated to what they have taught you in class (Looking right at you CHEM 370)

(12) Professors who are ugly (Looking right at you for 50 minutes 3 times a week, 53 minutes if you’re also a prof who makes class go until XX:21).

(13) Professors who don’t, have office hours. Like, did you think I was smart enough to figure calc on my own? I wasn’t .

(14) Professors who have weird power trips, you know when they think they’re better than you but really wear those awkward running shoes with the thick white sole and lose jeans that just somehow don’t fit at all, with sweat stains on their shirts? Those ones.

I want to end this article on a better note. So here it goes. I really love Juliana Ramsay. She is a great professor employed by the Engineering Department at Queen’s University. Always take her class if you can. Also there is hope for the rest of them (maybe).