Donald J. Trump: The J is for Jenga


As it is well known, in the turn of this century, the greatest, wisest man our galaxy has ever seen appeared. In well tailored suits and with a bellowing voice, Donald J Trump took the world by storm with his wonderful corporate ideals and created the utopia that we currently live in today. Recently, a report was released to the public by the Trump Group™ revealing the most shocking secret of all. I warn you, what you are about to read next will shock you, it will amaze you, and it will validate your meager existence. 
Subdue your initial excitement, I’m not done reporting yet.
The entirety of our lives with Supreme Leader Trump has come to lead us to the prophecy. We know now that his election to power was not the fallacy that world media has lead you to believe. NO NO my friends. This was true destiny. That fuckwad Greg might have told you otherwise, but the Trump Group™ has revealed an unbiased report, complete with graphs and tables, that chronicles the life of Prophet Trump, leader of our people, keeper of our money, and employer of our working class. 
It talks about Donald, as a young poor entrepreneur, receiving a small monetary loan from his father and working hard to make ends meet for his darling Trumpling children. He does many entrepreneurial things that make him wealthy, and in turn he uses his knowledge to Make AmericaWorld ™ Great Again ™. It’s all in his classified report, just trust me.
In other words, a vote for Donald is a vote for Jenga!