Economic Smackdown


Just a few weeks ago, Justin Trudeau called up former-PM and reigning champ of the Whitest Name Award Paul Martin to unveil his new economic plan which was to essentially say, “fuck the haters we spending into a deficit, cuz fuck your economic insecurities we gonna stimulate this economy with a 5 billion dollar injection into infrastructure. Both other parties are sticking to their guns with commiting to balancing the budget so far. And to up the Conservatives (bay) street cred in their ability to do so current reigning champ of the federal elections Steve Harper led our economy to a $5 billion dollar surplus this past quarter according to the Globe and also the Mail and presumably also the Spokesperson for the Economy. However, now we’re in a recession officially so, moot point I guess, I don’t know economics. The Globe also made a valid point that in a 1.9 trillion dollar economy, 5 billion in the red or black ain’t game changing, however it does point to the kind of philosophy of financial discipline we are federally interested in encouraging. Because as Canadians, hot damn are we committed to our modest policies.