Editorial: Football Too Masculine


I grew up in a country that proclaims to be communist. In such a utopia, men and women are treated equally. In reality, they are far from equal. For all my life, I’ve known that Chinese men suck at sports. Women’s volleyball and women’s football (that’s “soccer” for you North American people) are national favourites, while the men’s counterparts were not even talked about because people were ashamed.

As a five year old feminist, I wondered if and why men were so much shittier at sports than women.

Having lived in Canada for half my life now, the sports news I hear about now have much funnier names. Like “Super Bowl” – what an inaccurate name since their trophy is either a super rod with an olive on it, or a super olive on a rod. I asked a male friend – because I’m in engineering physics and there’s statistically a 7:1 chance of having a male friend beside me than a female – what the Super Bowl is, and he told me it’s American football by the name of NFL. When I watched it, however, I realized that it’s actually MEN’S American football. Why didn’t he specify that? I was assuming it was either a league with both men’s and women’s teams, or a coed sport.

I tried to search for a Women’s NFL because obviously everything in this world conforms to gender binary, so there must be a women’s counterpart. Right? Turns out I’m wrong. In the sports world, there’s only a gender mononary. There is no WNFL. There is also no WNHL. Since hockey and football are the only sports North Americans seem to watch and play, it can be extrapolated that there’s really no women in sports in North America.

I will go so far as to say that there is a lot of sexism in the sports industry.

The only time I have seen women in sports in the past decade was at the Olympics. The Olympics was different because the only thing that people cared about was the number of medals each country won. By allowing women to play in the Olympics, each country doubles the number of medals they can earn.

The same is not true for commercial major league sports. Commercial major league sports are all about being the only thing shown on TV. To suppress competition, league owners have banned women’s leagues to monopolize sports on media to only men’s leagues.

The reason why they chose men’s leagues instead of women’s leagues in the gender mononary sports industry is because they know that women are better than men at sports. This is a universal truth. Just look at China! The country that allows women to play sports shows that women are better than men at sports. Or maybe women are just as good as men in sports. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that certain people with power and money in the sports industry care more about protecting male dominance in mainstream sports, than they care about the treatment of female athletes, gender equality, and the future of sports.

This editorial is not meant to be funny. I have stopped caring about being funny at this point in the year. Instead, I am using my editorial as a genuine cry for help. The world is going to shit if we don’t stop the patriarchal sexism in sports.