Editorial: FROSH!


Hey Frosh! Since this is probably your first taste of Queen’s journalism, I’m just gonna launch straight into an uninformed rant to get you used to how things work around here.
This is my first Queen’s frosh week where I have not been a participant and when you are able to stand back and (drunkenly) look at it…holy shit guys. It is absolute chaos out there! Im not sure if you guys realize how insane this whole thing looks.
Bodies gyrating everywhere. People jumping up and down in mud. Loud music! And that was just what I could see from my front door. When I actually decided to venture towards campus, mainly because I was day-drunk, I couldn’t believe how many people were just wandering around the streets, blindly following leaders simply because they have a sign with a shitty frosh-related pun on it and are possible purple and/or intimidating.
What a bunch of sheep. When I was a frosh two years ago, we stood up to authority and brought da motherfuckin ruckus (also expect plenty of swearing and wu tang references in this paper). When they told us we “couldn’t drink”, you bet we drank. “You can’t bring a tiger to your dorm room!” Fuck you, residence don, should have thought of that before you made your school appealing to rich assholes.
Don’t get me wrong, frosh week is fucking awesome. Think about the kind of things you get to do: moshing for hours on end, building oatmeal-defensible vehicles out of trash, sleeping during presentations in the ARC – no where else would the pretty-much-adults that you are be allowed to partake in this in public. But not only is this accepted, its celebrated. Its our way of welcoming into this awesome community that we call Queen’s, your home for the next four years.
Whoa, that got deep there for a second. I mean what is this, the Journal? You probably don’t even know what that is yet. Let’s try and keep it that way, because its terrible. 
So, what’s some other advice I can pass along to frosh? Uh…
First off, make sure you put drinking higher on your priority list then class. Artsci’s, you already know this from your course descriptions, but for all you others, you know the phrase “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”? Instead, remember “all play and no work makes Jack the biggest bro on Vic 5E”. 
Thats really all I can think of, besides make sure that if you see that whenever you see any activity whatsoever around a ghetto house, make sure you stop in for that raging kegger.
There may have been sarcasm in there somewhere. You’ll figure it out.