Editorial: Racists Don’t Deserve To Get Laid


I am of the generation that had to teach myself about sex. Fortunately, such dark times is no more. I still remember walking home with my friends from middle school while discussing whether it’s a physical possibility for girls to masturbate. At that time, I was probably in the middle of the “identifying lab space” part of the masturbation experimental design process; I hadn’t quite gotten down the theory yet.

Today, the times has changed. Children of the future Ontario will have all the knowledge about masturbation – an essential life skill – taught to them by a school teacher.  The ability for Ontario schools to teach every essential life skill to their pupils, including the making of a grilled cheese sandwich in grade 7 family studies, has always been something that impressed me. Which is why I thought that the old sex-ed curriculum was highly inadequate. I make grilled cheese way less frequently than I masturbate.

The Ontario government’s long overdue attempt to be somewhat progressive and considerate of the wellness of its citizens has made me almost hopeful for humanity. My hope, however, has soon been crashed, yet again, when I read the article by the Journal titled “Racism alive but subtle at Queen’s”.

Since Chinese Canadians are so commonplace that nobody calls us “exotic” anymore, I sometimes forget that being a visible minority is still an oppressive ordeal. I mean, sometimes I just feel empowered in my GPA and forget the times when I’ve been called out for being Chinese across the street in southern Scarborough. The Journal article, which almost solely focused on Black Canadians, brings our attention to the outrageous idea that racism subtly exists.

Maybe tomorrow the Journal will enlighten us that some Queen’s students have not had proper sexual education from their public school curriculum.

In all seriousness, with the amount of national media exposure of shit that has been happening at Queen’s, the Journal’s endeavour to heat up the discussion about racism might just be what we need to put race education in the Ontario public school curriculum. It could work like this:

  1. Proper names for races and ethnicities will be taught in Grade 1 — something child-bullying investigators have long urged.
  2. The first mention of the concept of interracial relationships will be introduced to Grade 3 students.
  3. Grade 4 students will learn about online safety, text messaging and “racial contexts,” as well as cultural integration.

That’s really about it. Racism is really not that complicated, unlike sexual health. All that is needed is “people are different; be respectful to everybody!”. If your kid is still racist after grade 4 due to ignorance or otherwise, there’s really no excuse.  If they can’t figure something out that takes fewer years to teach than sex, well they should probably not have sex.

Have you had sex with a racist lately? They may be subtle, but they are alive.