Exam Proctor Clearly Had Absolutely Nothing Better to do Today


Eager to feel the wind in her hair and the sun on her cheeks, Ursula Hamm, 67, boldly enrolled to become an exam proctor in the basement of Jeffrey Hall. In search of exhilaration in her otherwise monotonous life, Hamm was ecstatic to hear that after a vigorous and relentless interview session, she had made the cut. “This is the third time I’ve applied,” began Ursula, “Never, and I mean never, did I think I would be so graciously accepted. This sure beats waiting for my grandchildren to never visit me!”

Wrapping things up towards the end of the semester, Ursula is heavily anticipating the end of her backbreaking duties: “It’s been a wild ride, but I’m beginning to feel overworked. I’m yearning for the days where I can sit in my arm chair again, patiently awaiting the grandfather clock to reach the hour. The hymn it resonates is the only thing that brings fire to my loins anymore.” Despite missing her third Young & the Restless episode of the week, Ursula is honourably pushing through and persevering to see out the remainder of her commitment.