Expedition To West Campus


    The year was 2012, it was a cold winter’s day when the expedition set out to reach the isolate colony at West Campus. The distress tweets had been received that students had been unable to make it to main campus and supplies were running low. They had been physically isolated for 2 weeks due to a major ice storm and wolves hunting union street. 25 brave volunteers made up the expedition to try to regain physical contact and resupply them with sufficient alcohol and pizza.
    The expedition never made it to west campus and the just recently their diary telling their harrowing experience was found by a team of archaeology students who were practicing their methods. After finding 300 beer bottles from Sir John A. Macdonald and 2 drug tunnels they came across the body of the expeditions brave leader Engiest Badassiest. 
These are the logs from their journey:
    Day 1: been fairly smooth traveling today. We are making camp at collingwood at union. The cold is straining the men but spirits are high and so are the amounts of spirits flowing tonight in camp. Tomorrow we hope to make it to Centre street.
    Day 2: We were set upon by wolves today and lost 3 good men in the attack. We lost large stock of pizza and beer for the relief mission. Many of the men are saying we should turn back but we must push forward. We only made it to Kensington and will have to make up the distance tomorrow.
    Day 3: Another bad day today. Townies attacked when were we just when were were setting out and kidnapped 10 men Today. We are camping today under the protection of holy ground at saint Mary’s of the lake hospital. We had most of our supplies stolen by bottle collectors and we only have 2 days of food the alcohol left. Most of the west campus relief is still intact. 
    Day 4: We are down to just three men. The wolves attacked all day there was no relief. We also lost one man to an unfortunate run in with a squirrel. We have no food or alcohol. Our tents were lost in the chaos. We don’t know where we are and dark has set. We don’t know if we can make it through the night.
    Day 5: Shit we spent all of yesterday walking backwards in the confusion. We are abandoning the mission to west campus and are attempting to make it back to the safety of main campus. There are whiteout conditions….. ohh god their eyes, the wolves no, noo 
    The archeology work continues on with this site in the hopes of bringing full closure to all the families.