Facts About Queen’s That Will SHOCK YOU If You’re Easily Surprised


1) Queen’s University can be found in Kingston, Ontario – home of the world-renowned baseball team “The KP Saints” (this is real).
2) Queen’s University was named to honour Mary, Queen of Scotts – the only surviving legitimate child of King James V of Scotland.
3) Queen’s has given honourary degrees to many notable figures, such as Franklin D. Roosevelt, Gordon Downie, and Carlos Bustamante – Host of YTV’s The Zone.
4) Grant Hall was funded entirely by students using GoFundMe.com.
5) There is a rumour that Douglas Library was accidentally built backwards, with the entrance on University Avenue being the back entrance. This is a complete falsehood. The truth is that Douglas library was built to honour James Douglas, whose anatomy was all backwards.
6) Queen’s homecoming was not cancelled in 2005 because of a car flip. In fact, it was cancelled three years later in 2008 due to fears that Flo Rida’s “Low” would be played far too many times for one weekend.
7) The Queen’s motto is Sapientia et Doctrina Stabilitas. In English this translates to “Human doctors belong in the stables”.
8) Kingston not only has the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada, but also the highest number of quarter zip sweaters per capita in North America.
9) The AMS is the oldest undergraduate student government in Canada. It is also the least effective undergraduate student government in Canada.
10) The Queen’s tricolour flag is often mistaken for the Romanian tricolour flag. Interestingly enough, this is because they are the same flag.
11) The Kingston squirrels that plague Queen’s University, amazingly, are of the same species as all other squirrels.
12) The Oil Thigh used to have numerous extra verses. Though it is often assumed it was shortened due to the difficulty of singing in Gaelic, it was actually reduced due to Gaelic cultural appropriation.
13) The Queen’s mascot, Boo Hoo the Bear, was initially a real bear. In fact, Queen’s went through five bears before opting for a costume instead. If you’re grasping for straws, you can probably find a way to relate this to Harambe.
14) Though Queen’s students often say that friends don’t let friends go to Western University, most Queen’s students have in fact let a friend go to Western.