Faculty Specific Pickup Lines


This is a list that goes out to the romantics out there who want to add a little something to their next pick up line. So to all those lonely souls out there, next time you’re trying to catch some honeys in time for the long cold winter, we recommend the following extra-suave lines sure to wheel your way into the pants of whatever faculty you desire.

Apple Math: Let me show you what you plus me actually equals 😉
Art History: Let’s go out to the lake and I’ll show you Virgin on the Rocks 😉
Astronomy: My next mission is to explore Uranus 😉
Biology: Let’s model different mating habits 😉
Chemical Engineering: Let’s work on mass producing some chemistry between us 😉
Civil Engineering: I have my bed stabilized for the night 😉
Classics: Want to see how many Greeks we can fit in your Trojan Horse? 😉
Commerce: How much for the night? Netflix and Merger? 😉
Computer: Let me show you my big O notation 😉
CompSci: You turn my floppy disk into a hard drive 😉
Drama: Want to practice our sex scene? 😉
Economics: Let me lie tangent to curves, because you supply what I demand 😉
Electrical Engineering:  If you were a circuit I’d probe you 😉
Engineering Chemistry: My lab bench or yours? 😉
Engineering Physics: *doesn’t matter because they’re not getting laid anyway* 😉
English: It is Important to be Ernest. I am Wilde about you 😉
Environmental Studies: Baby you and me ain’t nothing but mammals, so let’s do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel 😉
Film: You’re going to need a wide-angle lens to see what I’m packing 😉
Fine Art: Wow, your dyed hair and nose piercings are really attractive! 😉
Gender Studies: Wanna sign my consent form? 😉
Geography: Let me map your topographic curves because your contours are insane 😉
Geology: Come with me and you will be (Mg,Fe2+)2(Mg,Fe2+)5Si8O22(OH)2 😉
Geological Engineering: Let me show you my expertise with my tunnel boring machine 😉
Global Development: Let’s think globally and fuck locally 😉
History: You know, they call me Vlad the Impaler… 😉
Jewish Studies: I promise my meat is kosher 😉
Life Science: Let’s work on our anatomy together 😉
Mathematics: Let me take you to your limit so I can see your end behaviour 😉
Mechanical Engineering: Let’s test the shaft friction of this system 😉
Mining: Let me show you my expertise in shaft sinking 😉
Music: I hope you’re not A-Minor so I can finger your G-string 😉
Nursing: I’ll show you the right way to use a thermometer 😉
Phe Kin: Let’s get physical 😉
Philosophy: I fuck, therefore, I am 😉
Physics: Can I have your significant digits? 😉
Political Studies: Let’s make like House of Cards and let me go Under-on-your-Wood 😉
Psychology: You remind me of my mother and it’s hot 😉
Religions: Get on your knees and worship my temple 😉