Fake Online Diplomas at the Forefront of Educational Innovation


As the internet swirls with rumours and news stories alike concerning fake diplomas and degrees held by Canadian professors, some brave trailblazers are speaking out against the unjust prejudice against these alternative sources of diplomas. Across the country, brave warriors for freedom and justice are confronting the draconian bourgeoisie who are discriminating against these pioneers pushing the envelope of educational innovation.

As more and more Canadian professors are confronted and publicly shamed by soulless media outlets such as CBC’s Marketplace for their forward thinking, one inescapable truth is rising to the top: Fake online diplomas are the wave of the future.

Heroes such as Dubravko Zgrablic and Erwin Sniedzins have been brought to the forefront of the popular consciousness as they are dragged through the mud for their innovative and forward-looking practices. Sniedzins in particular has been forced to defend his attempt to capitalize on what is clearly the logical next step in education. The merits of these diplomas are clear, as traditional diplomas are expensive and time-consuming to attain. Instead, websites such as Kings Lake University and Almeda College offer quick and easy diploma solutions for today’s fast-paced and increasingly internet-based academic society.

At the end of the day, why not pay $8000 instead of $30000 for a diploma, when you already have the relevant skills and experience? In today’s modern world, who has time to complete an entire degree, especially when these alternative methods are so easily and readily available? It’s becoming increasingly clear that anyone who is spending years of their life and thousands of dollars on their education is way behind the cutting edge of technology, and, quite frankly, must be pretty stupid.

With all the recent changes and adaptations being made to the world of post-secondary education, the increasing shift to internet-based media is inevitable. Also, degrees based on life experience and existing knowledge make so much more sense than ones that are based on some strangers’ ramblings in a lecture hall. It also can’t be a coincidence that all the so-called academics defending old-fashioned education are those that were educated the old-fashioned way. It’s clear that this conspiracy against online diplomas goes all the way to the top.

It’s impossible to deny that online “fake” diplomas are quickly going to overtake archaic, traditional “real” education as the global preference due to its simplicity and affordability. Axact, the Pakistan-based company that is considered the largest diploma mill in the world, is without a doubt the leading crusader in the fight for affordable and fair education.