Famous Peeps You Didn’t Know Were Queen’s Alum’s


Before wandering in the desert, Moses was a master in engineering physics. It was through this knowledge that he was able to chemically separate the Red Sea into blue and yellow.
Mom who went to Queen’s and majored in the Men’s Football Team.
Lance Armstrong:
Long before the days of cycling victory and his steroid-using, filthy cheating ways, Lance Armstrong was a student of Pharmaceutical ethics. His removed testical is on display in the Rock museum in Miller Hall. 
Harry Potter:
Seeker of the Quidditch team, also seeker of a deeper meaning for life.
Mike Tyson:
Advocate of what he referred to as Ty-colour and linguistics major.
Elon Musk:
He started his first company at Queen’s, a cologne called the ‘Elon Musk’. 
Went to Queen’s and became Queen’s Elizabeth. 
Bill Clinton 
Queen’s first fuckboi, most well known for his quote “Give me dat Clintoris.”