Finally: A Male Anthem We Can All Be Empowered To


Move over, Beyonce. We have way too many female empowerment anthems. What about the men? What do they have to dance to in the club? Why can’t men dance with other men in circles the same way girls do as a celebration of their friendship? Hm? These aren’t rhetorical questions, I’m asking everyone who’s reading this.

Well, we have finally found a tune that men can lose themselves in and commemorate their masculinity pride and power. Goldens Words presents “Now That We’re Men”, a to-be classic male anthem.

Now that we’re men
We can do anything
Now that we’re men, we are invincible
Now that we’re men
We’re going to Shell City
Get the crown, save the town and Mr. Krabs
Now that we’re men
We have facial hair
Now that we’re men
I changed my underwear
Now that we’re men, we have a manly flair
We’ve got the stuff
We’re tough enough to save the day
We never had a chance, when we were kids
No no no
But take a look at what the mermaid did
Hah hah hah
Now that they’re men
We can’t bother them
Now that they’re men
They have become our friends
Now that they’re men
There’ll be a happy end
They’ll pass the test and finish the quest for the crown!
They’ll pass the test
And finish the quest
They’ll pass the test and finish the quest for the crown!

Songwriters: Arron Springer / Derek Drymon / Kent Osborne / Paul Tibbitt / Steve Hillenberg / Timothy Hill / Will Schaefer