Finally A Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart Erotica


The moment we have all been waiting for is here, the Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party TV show has been out for some time now, and we have all had one thing on our mind-when are they going to you know… :P. So here is a little X-rated fanfiction I thought up!

It’s Sunday night, Martha and Snoop just finished filming episode 69 of their new show. During the show today they made chicken carbonara but the weed version, this isn’t important to the plot but it was pretty fucking sick man! So they are cleaning up the set, everyone else has left now, and their change rooms are dangerously close.

“Snoop can you come here for a sec honey, I need some help!” Martha sexily nags (because she’s a woman) from her room. Snoop drops everything that he is doing, just as if it is as hot as Martha’s slim trim mothering body.

“What’s wrong baby?” Snoop sexily gangster-raps to Martha as he enters her partially LIT, lonely quarters.

“Oh snoop!” she sexily proclaims, Snoop steps in closer to her. Martha can smell that dank Kush on his tight white tank, and Snoop can feel the moderate heat radiate off her JCPenney blazer buttoned snugly around her supple curves.

“What can I help you with, Martha?” Snoop steps one step closer, his arm now gently brushing against her thighs that are draped in her sensible matching JCPenney slacks

“It’s just, getting out of prison, I feel like, they all look at me in this way…” she looks shyly down at herself.

“Martha, look at me. I get it. I mean it’s kinda hard bein Snoop D-O-double-G, But I, somehow, in some way, stay positive. With all the racism, and all these preconceived ideas about who I am just because I’m a rapper it really gets be down sometimes! But I don’t let it define me and you shouldn’t let your prison time define you!”

Martha looks at Snoop, she looks deep into his eyes for the first time and starts slowly unbuttoning her thoughts and feelings.

They have a totally heartfelt and supportive chat and just really talk up a storm all night long, like just really going at that spirit-connecting conversation. In the morning their naked souls lay side by side. Best. Friends. Forever. Everyday after this they text each other to make sure their mental and physical well-beings are intact! Snoop sends Martha silly dog videos and Martha tags Snoop in Guy Fieri memes, which is both of their favourite kind of memes.

It’s like one of those fantasy match-made-in-heaven friendships-I guess that’s why they call it fanFICTION. Plus in real life I bet they are totally hooking up!

Anyways I hope this really wholesome friendship gave you a big boner or whatever. Like and subscribe in the comments.